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#FoylesFive: Welcome to Twin Peaks

19th May 2017 - Matt Blackstock

Twin Peaks

#FoylesFive: Welcome to Twin Peaks


Matt from our Web Team would like to introduce you to the unsettling world of Twin Peaks, just remember... the owls are not what they seem...


"Welcome to Twin Peaks. My name is Margaret Lanterman. I live in Twin Peaks. I am known as the Log Lady. There is a story behind that. There are many stories in Twin Peaks - some of them are sad, some funny. Some of them are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery - the mystery of life.

Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Twin Peaks. To introduce this story, let me just say it encompasses the all - it is beyond the 'fire', though few would know that meaning. It is a story of many, but begins with one - and I knew her.

"The one leading to the many is Laura Palmer. Laura is the one.”



On the 8th April 1990, television was changed forever. That night audiences had their first experience of something completely new, unsettling and otherworldly. From the outset co-creator David Lynch did what he does best, drawing us in with something unexpected: that now iconic title sequence. It's a mix of hauntingly beautiful music and out-of- place imagery that hints at the unexplained overlapping with the everyday.

From the first episode of this strange murder mystery, we enter a world soaked with Lynch’s charismatic style and off-kilter visuals that have been so influential and copied. But none have grasped our attention as much as the bunch of oddballs who inhabit Twin Peaks.









If you've never seen Twin Peaks, let's catch you up a little (go, go watch it ASAP!). It starts with the death of arguably the series’ main character, Laura Palmer. Her body is found by a lake in a distant and quiet logging town, somewhere near the Canadian border. The town is in shock, her closest friends broken-hearted, her parents grief-stricken.

To help solve what seems at first a simple murder, FBI Special Agent Cooper drives into town. Always chipper and super sharp, ever speaking into his trusty Dictaphone to the mysterious Diane, Agent Cooper is Sherlock Holmes with a coffee obsession. As the story continues and the murder suspects each enter the spotlight, a unique eeriness seeps out that keeps us watching and gives us a lot more to think and talk about than your average crime series.








It's easy to see the influence Twin Peaks had on film and TV of the period. A few years later, The X-Files began. With its own odd FBI agent, a penchant for the woods and the unexplained, I feel it owes an obvious debt to Mark Frost and David Lynch.  Our appetites had been whetted by this uncommon, strange TV show. The timing was perfect; the early 1990s saw a cultural peak in interest in the paranormal and science fiction.

The X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Sci-Fi Channel were all born at this time, ripe with ideas that spread beyond their niche. And Twin Peaks was ahead of them all. Its legacy lives on in more recent cult hits such as Welcome to Night Vale and The League of Gentlemen, which have taken up the mantle of freaking audiences out, and dipping toes in the macabre and taciturn.








Its creators, Mark Frost and David Lynch, are bringing Twin Peaks back to our screens after too long an absence. It has been 22 years since the Twin Peaks film, Fire Walk With Me, and fans, myself included, are dying to find out what has been happening in this haunting town all these years.

To help fill the gap until then, and make you even more excited for its return, here are a handful of great books to get you ready to revisit Twin Peaks. So grab yourself a piece of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee and get reading. 







Photo credit - Matt Blackstock





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