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Authors at Foyles

Welcome to Authors at Foyles, where you'll find authors who have really struck a chord with us and whose work we wanted to showcase. You'll find interviews, extracts, selections of their own favourite books, and much more besides, as well as being able to see their available publications at a glance. Below are the most recent authors to join our illustrious roll call. Do use the Find Author menu below to see the full list.

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Recent Authors

Sarah Sarah Vaughan

We talk to Sarah about political wives who stand by their men, how as a society we have not yet come close to recognising how entrenched sexual harassment is and how the support for Toby Young's appointment to the board of the new universities regulator despite concerns about his experience and suitability demonstrated that 'jobs for the boys' still continue.

Emma Emma Glass

How Peach started with a beat, being inspired by the risks taken by Gertrude Stein and James Joyce and why it's important to avoid neat endings: Emma Glass on her startling debut.

. . Bandi

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Deborah Smith, Bandi's translator, about the characteristics of North Korean fiction, and the urgent, oral quality of Bandi's writing, how and why she became a translator of Korean literature and why she is feeling encouraged by the current state of ficiton in translation in the UK.

Polly Polly Faber

Exclusively for Foyles, Polly Faber considers the advice would-be writers are invariably given to find their own voice, describes how her father turned her into a reader and how her own book was born out of a great friendship.

Gail Gail Honeyman

Exclusively for Foyles we chatted to Gail about the loneliness of some young adults, the things in life everyone ought to be able to take for granted and the benefits of being in a writers' group.

Cathy Cathy Rentzenbrink

As her new book, A Manual for Heartache, is published, we talk to Cathy about the hierarchy of pain, the instinct we share to tell our stories and the advice she's written for her future self.

Georges Georges Simenon

As Penguin releases Maigret at Christmas, one of their retranslations of all 75 of Georges Simenon’s classic Maigret novels, exclusively for Foyles, Penguin’s commissioning editor Josephine Greywoode interviews Simenon’s son about A Maigret Christmas and his memories of Christmas with his father.

Jesmyn Jesmyn Ward

Exclusively for Foyles we talk to National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward about the ways in which aspects of Black American oppression extend into the present, the role of ghosts, Voodoo and Hoodoo in the novel and her complicated relationship to 'home'.

Oliver Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers on how becoming a parent inspired his latest book, how he became political almost in spite of himself and his current favourite thing to draw.

Penelope Penelope  Lively
Fiction, Non-fiction, Children's

We talk to Penelope about how reading and gardening have meshed in her life, seeing the world through 'gardening eyes' and why gardening is no longer the preserve of the middle-aged.

Minette Minette Walters

Exclusively for Foyles, we talk to Minette about her first foray into historical fiction, the challenges of portraying 14th-century Dorset and why the idea that there were no rational responses to the Black Death is wrong.

Naomi Naomi Alderman

Naomi Alderman's new novel, The Power, now out in paperback, and winner of this year's Baileys Women's Prize, looks at what happens when teenage girls inexplicably gain the ability to inflict enormous pain, effectively transferring the power in the world to women. We talked to Naomi about how everything touches everything else, if you let it, why she was unable to prevent violence from escalating in her imaginary world and how in the US religion is constantly being reinvented for the new realities.

Ali Ali Smith

The four-times Booker-shortlisted Ali Smith discusses her new novel, Winter, how long range optimism is built into the seasons, how Shakespeare's plays are an endlessly giving source, and why protesters have to be ready to commit, and commit for the long term.

Andrew Michael Andrew Michael Hurley

As his new book is published, exclusively for Foyles we talked to Andrew about how 'the wild' is part of who were are, when the needs of a community take precedence over that of an individual and how his love of nature and the desire to write have become a necessary part of living.

John John Banville

John Banville on his new novel, Mrs Osmond, his desire to write not in the style but in the spirit of Henry James, how Isabel is forced to open her eyes to many layers of reality, and why, despite his original intentions, he left the ending open.

Natalia and Lauren Natalia and Lauren O'Hara

Natalia and Lauren O'Hara describe their lifelong love affair with fairytales and introduce five of their favourites.

Jane Jane Harris

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Jane about inhabiting the voice of a slave, how this story of European brutality seemed too important to remain untold and struggling with the backstory.

Adam Adam Kay

'It’s difficult to compare any other job with being a medic – the highs can never be as high, and sadly the lows can never be as low.' Adam Kay on life as a Junior Doctor.

Yaa Yaa Gyasi

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to debut novelist Yaa Gyasi about finding a structure to accommodate the weight of time, why it is ridiculous to argue that slavery ended many years ago, and what infuriates her about the publishing industry.

Bernard Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell reveals some of his favourite books, among them the inspiration for his own Sharpe series.

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